Will You Listen?

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On October 3, it was my turn to give a devotion.
The prior night, the team went to go see the movie War Room. Now, looking back on that night I was meant to go see that movie. That movie was used by God to get His message to me. I believe that His message for me specifically is to create my own “war room.” I need a place of my own where I can do my fighting. I need to let God fight for me, it’s time for me to give up the fight and let Him fight for me. The previous Monday, which all Mondays are our sabbaths, I was reading in Romans and one verse caught my eye.
Romans 10: 17 NIV
Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ
What I got out of that verse, made me realize I’ve been figuratively fighting Christ on what I want and not what He wants for me.
We have to be willing to listen to message from God, it can come from anyone or directly from God himself. Not only be willing to listen to the message, but accept the message and apply the message to your life.
The message for you, can be the slightest little thing but in the end it will make the biggest impact on your life. Your message can come in several different ways: through a friend, through a stranger, prayer or as simple as reading the bible and your eye catching a verse. My message was used through this verse, although I never paid it much attention. Then, God used War Room to grab ahold of me. The more I tried to think that it wasn’t a message from God, the more it became one. I need a war room, so I can start catching messages from God.

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