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The day before I left for Abante International, I was able to attend my beautiful cousin’s wedding as her maid of honor. I was so happy I was able to make her wedding and experience her life-changing event happen for her, while being able to go on this new experience of a lifetime with Abante. I began my journey with Abante International by going on a 10 day road trip from Washington State to Cleveland, Georgia. On my way to Cleveland, Georgia we stopped at a few destinations which included, Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake State Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Another Area that we went to on our way to Georgia was the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We explored the North Rim for a full day, and the South Rim the next day. After these two long days, we came upon the Petrified Forest, which we then took half of our day to explore and drive up and down through the forest, which was also part of Route 66. My parents and I have driven many hours and miles to get where we needed to go.

When we got into Tennessee, we heard that Dolly Wood would be a fun experience for us. My dad drug me onto every rollercoaster ride we could find in the park. It was a great and fun, loving experience that my family enjoyed.

Our next destination would be traveling through the Smokey Mountains heading to Helen, Georgia. Even though there is no snow on these mountains, it was still a beautiful sight to see. We did in fact see a Copperhead Snake while we were looking into the older wooden buildings. It was funny to see my mother freak out because of it, but it was all in good nature.

The day my parents and I made it to Cleveland to meet the team, I was nervous, not just to meet the team but to also meet my other side of the family, that I have never met before. You might ask what I mean by that, so I will explain. My mom and Brian Schlottmann are cousins, which in turn makes Brian and I cousins. I have met Brian once before when I was about 8 years old, but other than that I felt like we had never really met. That day I met so many of my family members and I loved them all. I was very anxious to meet everyone and to experience what it was like to have so many new people in my life.

I am so blessed to have this great new experience in my life to get out of my comfort zone, to experience the gifts of God, and to find that the Holy Spirit will guide me to where I need to be. I am happy with the amazing group that I have been placed with, and I feel that by the second day of us all meeting we all become a close family. I am excited to see where this team will take us over the next 7 months.

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