The First Step

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What a crazy, fun, exciting month it has been! The first month of Abante was spent interning at a church,  living in host homes in Cleveland, GA and in sessions to prepare us for our next step.  The church we interned and had sessions at was called, The Bridge. I was lucky enough to intern under an amazing children’s pastor, Avery Hutto.

This part of the first month was one of my favorite experiences. It was more than enough to show me that, this is truly where God has placed my heart. Being able to help with their children ministry was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back in January of 2017 to continue to help. I learned so much from him and his family. I can only imagine what I will learn in a full semester!

I was also lucky enough to have an amazing host family. They gave nothing but support, encouragement and an open ear to my host sister, and fellow colleague Alyssa. I could not have asked for greater parents than them! I will miss them so very much, while I am living in Puerto Rico. They have forever made an impact on my life by opening their homes and hearts to us.

Also while in Cleveland, we spent many days in sessions learning about ourselves, conflict management, and creating friendships. While the sessions were not nearly as fun, we all created so many memories with each other laughing and joking around, that it would be too hard to pick a favorite. While there were lots of laughs, there were lots of tears.

We are a very emotional group but I firmly believe it brought us so much closer. It did not take us long for all  of us to become a family. In our last week of Georgia, at a fundraiser, a man whom we were working with, was in shock to come to realize that we had only been together for a month because he could tell we were already so close as a team.

Although, all these things are great, I must share with y’all what God did in my spiritual walk in this past month. Throughout this month, I have discovered so much about who I am and who I can become. I have grown more in my faith in the past month, than I have in a very long time. A moment I will never forget is when we were having a worship time, and then we all sat down and were talking about the things we were struggling with. One thing lead to another, and next thing I knew someone in the group was speaking in tongues over someone.

I put my hand on my chest, and my right hand stretched forward and I was not aware why. I then felt the need to speak and not just any words but words directly from God.  I was scared at first because I had never had God use me to translate someone speaking in tongues. The women speaking in tongues then said “I feel like someone here is supposed to say something”. I knew right then God needed me to say these words.

My mouth dropped open and I became to speak uncontrollably. I was now translating what she had just spoken in tongues. As a young girl, I always thought that it was so amazing how God could use people to translate but I never thought it would be me.  Now, here I am doing exactly this. After that moment, I could not stop shaking. I was in shock but so excited that God had just used me in a very power way. I never imagine God using me for this kind of thing but God will do exactly that.

He will use us in ways we never dreamed of if we just give him control over our lives. He never fails to amaze me at what he can do. If this is the first thing that comes to me throughout this year, I can only imagine what I will come to do in the months to come. I will never forget that moment. This month was full of excitement, memories, tears, laugher and bonds that will last a lifetime.

I cannot wait to share with you the rest of my journey and what God is going to do in my life and others!

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