The First Step Into Abante

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Being a month in my Abante experience thus far has been an interesting one to say the least. I still reflect on the first moments I spent before actually meeting the team. Although I had only a little time to prepare for my journey because of the suddenness of the events, I felt that I was making the right choice. I knew I had multiple options to chose from in my life and I felt Abante was the correct one for the purpose I feel God has set for me.

The morning of the start of my journey, I drove myself two and a half hours to the home church that we would be staying at for the first month. Although I enjoyed the drive a part of me wished that my mom had been able to come as well; however, she couldn’t because my sister was in the hospital having a pain crisis due to sickle cell anemia. This may be of alert to some of the readers but it is something my family has learned to handle fairly well, with that being said my mother wasn’t able to accompany me. So I made the journey alone, letting my mind drift to the things that I may face and the obstacles that I would encounter along the way.

I received a warm welcome when I arrived at The Bridge Church of God because I had interned there previously for LEAD Institute Ga. I saw many familiar faces and actually felt like I had returned to my second home. I was early so I talked to people and caught up on the things that I had missed until we finally had our meeting. When I was actually in the meeting I finally got to meet my colleagues face to face. Everyone seemed friendly and anxious; however, for me I simply felt ready. Not to say that I wasn’t concerned, but I’d been trying to decide the next step for my life and Abante and its mission to equip young leaders with different tools to utilize for life in the future seemed to be perfect for me. I did not know what the future held for me, and even now I still don’t. But, I do know that I am on the right track and Abante is going to prepare for the things I have yet to see in my future.

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