Social injustice – Immigration

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Social injustice a situation when some unfair practices are being carried in the society. Whatever unjust is happening is usually against the law and it might not be something that is considered a moral practice.

    Today in the America we deal a lot with immigration issues. From some immigrants smuggling drugs into American. And some immigrants coming to American from their own land to start a new life/ better life. I am a living testament of the “American Dream”. Whatever that may be. Both of my parents are from Mexico and bother came to American to have a better life. I was born in the states but my culture is Mexican. So tell me how I feel when my own people go up against my own people. (Americans VS Mexicans).
This is an issue that can go back to the 1800s, it didn’t start with our latest president stance on immigration. The social issue here is when immigrants who are honestly trying to better their life for more than one reason come to American and get decremented. What is the moral in an immigrant speaking Spanish in the supermarket and someone telling them “I’m going to call ICE. (immigration and customs enforcement) if you don’t stop speaking Spanish!” These people are trying to better their life they are not hurting you why should we tear them down and not help.
Yes, I am young but I’m not dumb either. I know not all people come to American to better their life. And those people should be dealt with. But those who are trying to do good in their life shouldn’t be treated like criminals. What I believe we can do to help this, is be that person that stands up for little guy(immigrants). Jesus stood up for the little guy so should we. In Luke 10 it speaks about the parable of the good Samaritan. You see the whole theme of this parable is being a good neighbor. But I believe the underlining message is that it doesn’t matter who the neighbor is but what kind of neighbor we are.
Let us stand up for our fellow neighbor no matter what race, gender or culture they are. But let us be that good neighbor for them. Who knows they may be so surprised it can change their life knowing someone random loves them enough to stand up for them. I promise if you ask around your friends you will find someone who is an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. We are all around.


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