Provision Out of the Blue

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My journey with Abante in this first month has been mind-boggling. I have connected with the team and made some of the best memories already. At times I can get discouraged about things at home, but I know if I focus on God he will guide me through it all. My life is already changing before my eyes. God has intervened in so many ways, and one moment has stood out to me the most. A couple weeks ago, we went to minister at the Dayton Family Church. Some of the team lead praise and worship, as well as other aspects of the service. Then, Brian preached his sermon.

Brian asked our team to come up to the altar call after his sermon, so we could pray for people. The sermon was so moving, but no one came up to the altar at first. Then, suddenly a beautiful woman walked towards me. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Adriana (Fake Name for

privacy Purposes). While trying to make her comfortable, I asked if she needed prayer for a certain aspect in her life. She began to tell me about her relationship with her husband. They get into arguments often, and he can be quite volatile. I kept noticing this pain and sadness in her eyes and it broke my heart. When she was done speaking, I started to pray for her. I asked God to shower her in blessings and to work peace into her husband’s heart. I asked him to heal their relationship and mend them back together. We finished praying together, then I gave her a hug with tears in my eyes. Suddenly, she asked what I needed prayer for in my life. I told her,” I am worried about finances for the program.” She said she would pray for me, and I told her to be blessed. Then, she left the sanctuary.

I was so glad that I got to have God connect us in that moment. I stood talking to my colleagues about ministering to the youth later in the day. Suddenly, Adriana walks back into the sanctuary. She motioned for me to come talk to her. I walked up happy to see her again, and wondering if something was wrong. She walks up and says, “I think God told me to come back in here, and give you money for Abante . “I could not believe what she was doing and told her that she did not have to do that for me. Bawling like a baby, I began to thank her for what she is doing. I repeated my gratitude to her, and I was so amazed by what she did next. Adriana stopped and said, “I want to give you more.”

In that moment, it seemed like God was working through Adriana to begin telling me I want to give you a double portion. I was so amazed by what he did for me. The presence of love was all around me. To this day, I will hold that day in Abante dear to my heart. I am excited to enjoy more moments like this in the next 8 months. Every day, is a step to remember that God is taking care of me. He is our provider!


     P.S. Always remember God loves your beautiful faces!


                         Little Miss Sunshine





  1. If God brought you to it, then He will bring you through it ! God will provide all your needs! Praying for you Tori!

  2. Wow Beba i felt the presence of the Lotd. I know God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

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