Our First Outing

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Our first outing as a group was to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. I must have watched too many movies because the modern building we walked up to was not what I had expected. We started off the morning with a video about the history of the monastery. I assumed it would be monotonous and irrelevant; However, I was completely wrong. The video revealed that the monks built the church by hand. It also put into perspective the number of wheel barrows required to make one column. Once the video concluded we made our way through a small museum that highlighted points from the video. On the grounds is a small garden. It has several bonsai trees of different species. The trees were from 45 years old to 103 years old. The trees were petite yet intricate. We also had the privilege to enter the church. It reflected the the garden’s loveliness. The blue and purple stained glass windows were the only source of extravagance. The entire monastery seemed to capture a simplistic beauty.

We returned to a conference room and to speak with one of the monks, Brother Thomas. Brother Thomas was overflowing with wisdom. One of the most profound things he spoke about was the Trinity. He revealed that many times we focus on having a relationship with Jesus but neglect relationship with the Holy Spirit and the Father. Throughout scripture Jesus references His relationship with both His father and the Holy Spirit. Isn’t Christ our example? Once this was brought to my attention it weighed heavy on my mind. I am figuring out how to have a relationship with the Trinity as a whole.

Afterward, we went through our Discipleship Principle #2: Know the Word. Many times we either see the Bible as boring or as fiction. It is neither. It is living and it is relevant to modern life. We are learning to look at the context and culture of the scriptures. We also ask ourselves how is this applicable to my life. The wisdom gained from knowing God’s word is so valuable. We put the principle into practice as we dove into our “Daily Walk”, which is our personal and community Bible study. We began in Matthew and will read through the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John by the time we are done with our time in Puerto Rico. Each colleague found a place to get alone and read. I was drawn back to the garden. As I read, God revealed His word in a fresh way. I saw things in this familiar passage that I had not seen before. It is here that I was reminded that His word is alive and relevant in any situation.

Finally we had a visitor, a former colleague, Alec. He “spoke out of the overflow” of his life. He began to explain that God was pulling him back to the prayer closet and truly getting alone with God. Alec explained that his view of ministry had always been to get alone with God, be filled up, and take it out among others. However, God showed him that ministry is staying in the presence of God and opening the door so others can see in. This revelation blew my mind. I had the same mindset of ministry and how to affect others. After this first outing I realize the importance of abiding in constant relationship with the Trinity.

Please continue to support me in prayer and donations as I continue this journey. I have gained many new experiences and hope to continue.

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