New Season, Same King.

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If you know me personally, you know that I love to talk. I love engaging in conversation, getting to know people, making connections, laughing with others, talking over a cup of coffee and so much more. I adore it all. I am super thankful that God has called me into seasons in the past where I get to do all of this very often. I have gotten to meet people from all over the world, build friendships and pray for people galore. These are some of my favorite things, but I often forget to be in silence. To rest. To be with the Father. To set time aside specifically WITH him.

Typically, whenever I would think of Jesus’ life, I would think of his ministry and all of the astounding things he did while walking the earth. Unless I took time to cognitively remember the fact that amid the chaos, Jesus went to be with God in the garden. It amazes me.

With all that being said, I have not heard a giant voice telling me to begin inaction or to stop making connections, but rather something much much sweeter. I have been hearing whispers in orchestrated melodies that have been sounding since I began Abante, all saying to me, “Rest. Not only physically, but allow me to work in you to receive a heart posture of rest. Just be WITH me.” From the fact that a leader of mine had been praying for a word to emphasize during our time together and it just so happened to be “rest”, to our first two weeks in South Korea providing me with space to do so. Rest. With little things in between confirming in me that this is exactly the message the Holy Spirit was sending me, I knew this was it. This is an area he wanted me to grow in.

If Jesus took time to be with Abba and I am made in the Father’s image, that means he WANTS me to rest and I was created to do so. I need to do that, otherwise, I will burnout and I will no longer be overflowing. To keep a steady rhythm and to make sure that my attitude is aligned with what the truth of the gospel has given me, I need to take moments captive and intentionally spend that time seeking him and being in his presence. Me and Jesus. Jesus and Me. So this is exactly what I have been pursuing. Not striving towards, but pursuing new little habits that will over time grow into natural actions that will not only help my relationship with Christ grow deeper, but it will allow him to use me as an impact for others.

Pretty amazing right?!

As for what has been going on, we have been able to start building relationships with those at The Joyful Church here in Pohang- Si and I am loving it. Baker ( my fellow colleague ) and I have started connecting with young adults and creating a community with them! I ask that you be praying for those friendships, that they grow deeper and that we can be Jesus to them!

I am honored to have been asked to join the worship team here at the church for the English service. I will begin Sunday the 22nd and am praying that I can connect with the others on the praise team! This week we will be having guests at our house for dinner, a Pastor from the states living with us, and multiple outreach opportunities. As the pace picks up for my team and I, it is comforting to go back to Jesus. To remember our calling and spend time with our creator.

I want to thank YOU for your support and prayers for it is so encouraging and uplifting to know that people are interceding for my team and I. If you are interested in partnering with me on this journey financially, you can find a place to donate below.

With HIS love,


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