Colleague - Tori Farmer

Welcome to my page ! As you already know my name is Tori Farmer. I'm an 2016 high school graduate from Newnan High School . Though, Newnan has not always been my home. I was born in Reading , Ohio and attended school all the way from Pre-k to First grade .

We moved to Newnan,Ga at the beginning of Second grade. The ride was bumpy at first , but Newnan turned into my home. I attended three different elementary schools and one middle school before I started my education at Newnan High School. I have always held a high standard for myself when it came to my grades. So, I ended graduating with Honors this year.

Now here we are present day. Some people are already asking, " What are you doing next Tori ? " My answer is , I want to spread the love of God to everyone I meet. I will do that by being apart of this program , and start my education to achieve my degree in Theatre Education. I have big dreams that I want to accomplish. The only way to achieve them is through God. I cannot wait to see what he does in my life.

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God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see.