Colleague - Kellie Calhoun

Hey there, and come on in.

Welcome to my little corner of the worldwide web. This space is set up for a few purposes, all intertwined with Abante International and my life over the next 9 months. This journey takes us to the isle of Puerto Rico from August through December, and all throughout Europe (Ireland, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, and Germany to name a few) from January to May. In all locations, we carry the philosophy of living, learning, and leading wherever we go. More specifically, this looks like living altogether in community and as a family, learning a variety of cultures/languages and how to adapt and interact within them, and leading within our team and serving within the communities we visit. It is a whirlwind of life, and my colleagues and myself wouldn't have it any other way.

I write you as I go for three reasons:

  1. Jesus— He holds my heart, and whispers sweet truths my way. I have to admit, I feel most alive when I have the opportunity to throw His kindness around like confetti with anyone who wants to join the party...which brings me to my next favorite:
  2. You— I hope this spot is a source of encouragement and truth for you, a place you feel less alone in what you're trekking through, and a reminder of how loved you are by a never failing Father. And lastly but certainly not least—
  3.  My Abante Experience— Being a part of this team is busy, busy, busy, and chocked full of ministry, travel, and a whole lot of growing. So, for my friends back home, this is to keep you updated on my learns, present circumstances, needs, and highlights.

For those of you I know and don't know, consider this your invitation to the party. I am so excited to meet you here.

— Kellie

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"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives." --Albert Einstein