Colleague - Emily Frost

Emily Frost was born in Olympia, Washington, Grew up in a Lutheran Church, Graduated from Shelton High School, and is currently enrolled at South Puget Sound Community College. Emily has worked in many different work forces such as Bakery Clerk, Nursery attendant, house cleaning, and yard work.

She has also volunteered in the community doing many different things such as helping make and serve community dinners, working in food banks, making grab and go bags (which go to people on the street corners [includes: water, snacks, soap, tissues, chap stick] who could use a helping hand), Public Safety (helping out with directing traffic, being security at an event, and even securing the premises of important buildings), helping organize the back rooms of thrift stores and helping out with VBS (Vacation Bible School) in the summers.

Emily had been very active growing up with being in her youth group, sports, clubs, Explorers, and musicals at her school and in her church life. Emily is in her sophomore year of college and still has time to deiced if she will be majoring in Education or in a Medical field.

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