Colleague - Brittany Spier

Hey guys! Welcome to my little home away from home while I embark on a pretty crazy journey. This is where I'll be able to process and share all the stories that form over the next 9 months. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Brittany Spier and I'm 21 years old. I'm from a small town called Cleveland, Georgia, which I've grown to love over the years. After graduating, I took a gap year to spend ten weeks in Chiang Rai, Thailand to learn how to edit and produce videos along with other media techniques. Because of this program in Thailand, I realized how much I love people and how much I always wanted to be around them. Thus spreading a bug inside of me to share, speak, and strive to impact the people around me.

Two years later, I'm here. Abante International is made to make disciples everywhere you go, whether it be in a mission field, a marketplace career, or even your neighborhood. Our team meets up in Georgia for training, then we go out to Puerto Rico for three months and then Germany for five months all while learning how to walk the way Jesus walked when he lived on earth. Everywhere we go, we implement that love all while working towards whatever professional field we feel called.

While in Abante, I will be studying how to become a health coach. I stated earlier my love for people, and after countless conversations with God on how to make a profession out of that love, I felt drawn towards coaching. It's a perfect fit for the person I am: I get to focus on the clients own personal health goals so that I can help guide them to achieve those goals and further their own health and wellness. It's extremely people-based and I'm genuinely passionate about this specific area of life.

What I'm excited about more than anything is being able to meet and pour into the lives of God's children all over the world. The world may appear dauntingly spacious, but it's actually smaller than you think. Come along with me on my journey; let's blur the idea of how "big" the world is together.

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Loving as Christ loves; without rules, boundaries, or condition.