Hot Dog Day!

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On November 12th Abante had the opportunity to team up with The Exchange missions ministry on an outreach project in Dorado. John Hoogeveen had a vision to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a community called Arenales. This is a government-funded community that has had a rough couple of years feuding amongst themselves. John invited us to help bring the community together by showing the love of Jesus.

Together our ministries put together “Hot Dog Day.” John had gone to the mayor in Dorado to get a couple coaches together to do some clinics. With the help of the coaches we were able to have a clinic for basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. After the clinics we handed out free hot dogs, chips, and water to everyone that could attend.

For that weekend we had John Hoogeveen and his family, the Abante team, volunteers from the Abante leadership exposure weekend, and other volunteers from the community. Together we all came together to this community to show the love of Jesus. We simply wanted to show Arenales that there are people that care about them and will be praying for them and their community.

Brian, our fearless leader, had given me the privilege to lead the team during this opportunity, and I can honestly say that I felt like a true leader. I helped John with the preparations leading up to the event, getting the supplies and setting teams up for all the volunteers. Even though at the time I thought that I didn’t do much, I saw during the event that all preparations played a part in the event.

I learned a lot during that one day of leadership. I learned that in a leadership position not everything is going to go according to schedule and that is okay, being flexible can help situations rather than hurt them. I also learned that it doesn’t matter how many people attend, as long as you stay engaged with the people that are present. Staying intentional with the people around you can open the door for amazing conversations.

I had a really good conversation with one of the girls that had attended, and after telling her a little bit of my story and how I got to Abante, she opened up to me about what she had been going through in her life and actually asked if I could pray for her. It really opened my eyes and showed me that as long as I stay intentional and show that I care, people can open up to me and share their stories.

“When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.” ~ Romans 12:13


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