His Healing is in the Waves

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My team and I arrived safely to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Tuesday, September 15th. We are living in a vacation home in the city of Dorado, Puerto Rico while we are here. This island is so photogenic at every angle!
Seeing the waves crash up against the rocks, is amazing. It makes me think that God is like these waves; gentle yet breathtaking. The waves being gentle, is like feeling weightless when you’re in the ocean. Jesus who is more gentle and kind, takes your problems away, some may sting with pain or feel like ripping a bandaid off, all the while He is healing us.
Mighty breathtaking waves can pull you under in a blink of an eye and in the process you could injure yourself. While Jesus takes us through rough waters, not to drown us, but to cleanse us. The salt water heals open wounds, the waves try to reach the people on the beach with their massive roar of a crash, and when they don’t reach they try and try again.
God heals us no matter what kind of wound we have. We need to go out and spread the message of Jesus. We don’t need to be a sprinkle on the island, we need to be a downpour of Jesus Christ

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