Here’s to new beginnings

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I have always been the half-in half-out type of person because I was raised by a youth pastor, church was just always a part of the routine. Therefore, I was constantly just going through the motions. I grew up with three older brothers and we all four received our father’s stubbornness. I have always known that God was calling me to do something but for the longest time I tried to fight it. I was always trying to keep up with life, and trying to do what I want to do instead of what I am called to do. Every year our youth group takes a trip to Smoky Mountain Winterfest in Knoxville Tennessee. Two years ago I had a very good close encounter with God at Winterfest. The LEAD booth was right downstairs from where I was sitting and I felt God pulling me in that direction. Me being as stubborn as I am, I waited until Sunday morning to go down and talk to the students.

After talking to them I knew that LEAD was something that I wanted to do. I felt like that was exactly what God was pulling me toward. I was getting ready to apply and read all the requirements, was ready to commit, and then I let my mind take over and eventually talked myself out of even applying. I kept coming up with excuses like “it was too much money” or “I would get homesick” when in reality I just wanted to have it my way. I thought that the best thing for me in that moment was to start college and fully focus on my degree in Occupational Therapy. I let my own thoughts get in between me and God.

Here I am two years later realizing that God has a plan for my life and he is not giving up on me. Now that LEAD and Abante has teamed up I am so amazed at what God has been doing in my life even in this past month. I believe in my heart that I was meant to wait, and I am in the right place at the right time doing what God has called me to do. In this past month I have grown so much as a person. Abante has opened so many doors helping me with my passion for people. Traveling to different areas and getting engaged with the communities has really opened my eyes and my heart to how amazing our God is. I am already loving this journey and I cannot wait to see what God has in store!

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