Deciding to Flow

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One year ago, as I was obsessing about what I should do my first year out of high school, as most seniors do, I thought and prayed about several different options. I learned about Abante, and I thought it sounded like a great program, but it really wasn’t for me. The whole idea of traveling the world didn’t appeal to me. Then I heard God telling me that Abante was where He wanted me, but I resisted His voice because I was afraid to leave my family and my ministry in my home church.

Besides, why did I need to go anywhere? My life was good. Great, even. I had everything I needed in one town: ministry, family, friends, hobbies, love, support, the resources and ability to fulfill my primary calling, and further education opportunities available online. I was perfectly comfortable. But I was also still.

In my hometown, there is a creek whose waters are clear and cool. They ripple and flow over stones and silt, making music with the voice of peace. The beauty of the stream is in its movement; its being is in its living. It must flow; to hold it back would seem a slight against God. Wherever it’s going it must go. Even should the ground beneath it fall away and let it surge off a cliff, the waterfall would be the greatest beauty. And it would not fear as it gushes over the edge, for that is what it was made to do.

As God and I talked about Abante, I began to see it as my waterfall, my leap of faith. Would I go where God asked even if I had to give up everything? I counted the cost, and decided to trust Him and let Him take me over the edge.

Now I’m here in Roatan, Honduras, continuing to choose God’s will and let Him guide the course of my life. I’m learning from His heart and trying to love people the way He loves them. I am letting Him unleash the hidden things within me that they may flow forth as a river.


  1. Katie Anna! God has truly blessed you by the wonderful people of Roatan. That is where God broke down the barriers to Rick’s heart. And through that process he broke through barriers I didn’t even know I had!

    Walk in grace my friend!

    All our love, Raine Wells (and Rick, too!)

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