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My eyes welled up and I sat on my tiled floor in awe. He didn’t stutter. The word Jesus whispered was undeniable. Beautiful… but me? This 25 year old still trying to figure out who she is? The one who is so painfully human and anxious and prideful? This mess of a girl who picked this filter to make her teeth look whiter?THIS GIRL

Beautiful. It was undoubtedly addressed to me, like some secret and unbelievable little love letter in the form of a paper plane smacking me straight in the face. Jesus thinks I am beautiful. The only thing I could muster in response was, why?

A friend of mine gave me Tozer’s “The Purpose of Man” before I left the states, and a quote I read popped in my mind.
 “Man is the reflection of the glory of God, which was the purpose and intention of God originally… that God might look into the mirror called man and see His own glory shining there.” 
As someone who has fallen in love with the ability to create, I could relate a bit. Whenever I capture magic through a camera lens, or draw or paint something I find beautiful, or write a piece from something that moves or empowers me– I look at all of these things and see pieces of my personality shining back, and I am proud of what I have made. Jesus, I would imagine, sitting criss cross apple sauce on the floor with me, whispered this single word to me to express the same. He looks back at the masterpiece He has crafted and responds in awe, looking back at the image He whittled me through and calls it,“Beautiful.”
BEAUTYThe word echoed again. He looks at me and He sees Himself in what He made. What a wonder. I sat there evaluating my pieces, looking back and wondering how the God of all could call something so flawed and broken and messy beautiful. I found myself rebutting, thinking I need to change something in me before this could be true!
“But I need to be…”

And before I could finish the thought, a new thought completed it for me.

“…exactly what I made.” The clenched fist I had mustered in an attempt to defy rising feelings of inadequacy released, and my weapon of strife fell to the ground with a clang. Jesus’ response invoked rest… to be exactly what He made. I don’t have to become this ball of stress, doll up, lay on the makeup and put on my best face so that His description of me rings true.

Anything good in you and me, anything worth a compliment or second glance, anything valuable or beautiful does not originate from us. It originates from the One who created us. Jesus looks at us, and He sees Himself.

He sees exactly what He made you and me to be— His, in His image, for His glory.

Perhaps we worship Jesus best when we are exactly what He made, and enjoy the very image He created it in. After all, we are not the glory, but simply and beautifully a reflection of that Glory.

Remember the wonder you were created in. Please believe you are beautifully His. Not one pound or wrinkle can make it any less true.



  1. I needed this reminder, but more I needed this revelation. My beauty is found in the fact that I’m His reflection!

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