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Life is full of events both planned and unexpected. In either situation there is a need for adaptation in order to overcome. Many times, we are faced with events that pose a threat to comfortability. Anxiety is at the forefront of our spiritual battle field. How we adapt to these anxieties determines whether the situation fails or succeeds.

During this first month in Georgia, many opportunities to differentiate ourselves have been presented in an environment that may seem new or discomforting. The discomfort teaches us how to acknowledge the emotions and anxieties we are experiencing in order to seek the underlying cause of why we feel the way we do. The Holy Spirit is then able to move in these areas to heal, mend, or provide new perspectives for us.

In human nature we forget that there is no one particular way to do something. Our way is not always the right way; if we are willing to surrender control, the Holy Spirit will guide us to adapt to any given situation, person, and environment.

What I realized was that in order for us to adapt, we must not be offensive nor defensive. Take a chameleon for example— when adapting to its surroundings it does not run away or try to attack. It actually slows its movement and seeks to understand its surroundings and then adapts to that environment. As shown in the picture, the chameleon adjusts, but doesn’t change into a lady bug. Just because it looks like a lady bug doesn’t make it a lady bug. It is no less of a chameleon now than it was before it looked like a lady bug. By adjusting the chameleon is no longer a threat to the lady bug.

We need to be more like chameleons. Instead of wanting or expecting our environments to change for us, we need to start relating to the environment around us. In order for a relationship or situation to work, we have to be willing to adapt. Let us not be offensive with our beliefs or defensive with our ways, but be firm in your faith and flexible in your perspectives.

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