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 The Ocean —

My sweet escape into a world of wonder, discovery, and reflection. It transports me back to childhood, filling my mind with fresh perspective and nostalgia.

“Daaadddd, look! Look what I found!” I would squeal and race the shoreline back to my father’s arms, holding the treasures I had stumbled upon. I stood with hair plastered across my face, wide-eyed in my Mini-Mouse bathing suit. The details of my findings were evidence of a world below, and I wanted my Dad to see the wonder I saw. Holding each piece inches from his face, I would wait for his reaction, and then reveal the next. He would “ooo” and “ahhh” and I would beam, affirmed that he loved my treasures as much as I did.

I had to retire the Mini-Mouse bathing suit a while ago, but I carry the same wonder and excitement as the little girl who adventured in it. When I walk out onto the terrace of my new and temporary home here in Puerto Rico, I see the same blue hues and find myself giddy and anticipant for my next opportunity to explore the shore for what prizes I may unveil. Though I am 25, I find my heart operating in similar capacities, but now they are with Jesus. I still inspect the sands, however, the treasure I bring reflects the most cherished pieces that fill my heart. I come to Jesus like a little girl, hands cupped with assorted jewels, each a distinct and spectacular color— each  a representation of dreams, ideas, or beliefs I hold and approach with curiosity. I pick each up between my two fingers, holding them inches from His face, and ask the same questions:

Sweet Remnants

Daaaadd, look! Look what I found! Do you see what I see? Do you get as excited about these things as I do? Do you see me? Do you think I am special? Do you love me?
The little girl in me walks along the beach, finding treasures that fill her heart— and He responds in whispers of affirmation and unconditional love. Oh yes, He sees what I see. He thinks I am special, and He loves me so dearly. And you want to know something else? He gives me such sweet treasures of truth. Would you like to hear one? Because I can’t stand not sharing, and you must know that He says the same things of you too.
I walked along this surfing beach a quarter of a mile passed my house with my friend, Lou, this week. And as her and I scanned for fragments that caught our eyes, I watched the tide kiss the shore. Puerto Rico doesn’t have gentle, bare-foot friendly beaches. They have huge rocks that parallel the ocean. The Sea poured over these barriers, meeting them and depositing remnants of what she could have been carrying for miles before offering it to the shore. Over and over, she was faithful to return. In and out, she poured. And Jesus spoke to me, ya’ll, and it sounded something like this—
“As faithful as the tide kisses the shore, so am I faithful to wash you, my Bride. Faithful to wash away the worry; to remind you of my love for you; to renew your mind, and to leave you with remnants and details of the goodness of my character. As surely as the sun rises, I will come to you and I will remind you when you forget. Over and over, again. In and out. I am faithful. I am good, and I love you.”

As Faithful as the Tide

Jesus is as faithful as the tide to lift our burdensome and weary minds and wash us with what is true (Ephesians 5:25-26). Can you believe the Creator of the Universe thinks you and I are special? That His thoughts of us outnumber the grains of sand by the ocean (Psalm 139:18)? Can you imagine that a God as perfect as Him loves us in our greatest, filthiest messes, and calls us His (1 John 4:10)?

I can’t begin to fathom, and man, I am so grateful.


  1. Beautiful words Kellie, Pete and I are praying for you as you share the gospel of Jesus Christ there. We pray that he will draw you closer in and pour into you as you pour into others.

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